No Shave for the Brave. 

Welcome to the campaign! Wondering what all the hubbub is about? 

No Shave for the Brave is:

  • Breaking the cycle of abuse- One in every 10 children will be a victim of sexual abuse by their 18th birthday. The Monongalia County Child Advocacy Center (MCCAC) exists to change those numbers and lead the fight against the cycle of child abuse throughout an innovative, evidence-based model, right here in Monongalia County. 
  • Making progress- In 2016, the Monongalia County Child Advocacy Center conducted 96 forensic interviews due to concerns of child abuse or neglect. To help victims become children again, the MCCAC provided trauma-focused therapy to 451 children and their families at no cost. 
  • Being brave for kids- This November, the MCCAC is asking men to ditch their razors, recruit family and friends to support their beard-growing, and spur powerful conversations about child abuse. 
  • Making a world of difference- As a nonprofit with countless moving parts, the MCCAC relies on the hope of others to support its mission-restoring the lives of children who have been abused. 
  • Rebuilding childhoods- Every dollar you donate will go directly back to supporting children here in our local community- helping promote justice for them, connecting them to healing services, and ending the cycle of abuse. 
  • People power- In order to help the increasing number of child victims in our community begin their path to healing from abuse, we need your help. Thank you so much for joining the campaign. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the Monongalia County Child Advocacy Center at or 304-598-0344. 

- The Monongalia County Child Advocacy Center Team 

All proceeds of No Shave for the Brave will directly support the Monongalia County Child Advocacy Center's transformative work with child victims and their families in Monongalia County. The Monongalia County Child Advocacy Center, Inc. (MCCAC) ensures each child affected by abuse, neglect or related trauma is empowered to disclose with dignity, attain justice, and most importantly, heal with support, love, and encouragement. All of our victim services are provided at no cost to families.

Our Child Advocacy Center Program encompasses the following services: forensic interviews, therapy/ support groups for abused children and their non-offending family members (child sessions are provided at either the school or our Center), mental health screenings, clinical evaluations, parent-training, victim support/ advocacy for abused children, crisis intervention, coordination of the multidisciplinary team of professionals that work together on child abuse cases, case review, case tracking, and linkage/ referral to needed services for child abuse victims. Additionally, we help prepare children to testify in court. 

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